Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hung out with my bean all day... It's nice to be able to spend time
with those who I love before I HAVE to leave... My life is soooo hard!
Off to work now!

Monday, February 23, 2009


"Emma, dear, Fujikawa-cho is no longer, remember? It merged with Fuji-shi on Novermber 1 last year".

Thanks to my dear father, I now know that the town I pretty much grew up in is experiencing a banking crisis.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Shizuoka prefecture... where I grew up. The town my parents live in, Fujikawa-cho, is not listed there because its so small... but you can click on "Fuji", one of the closest towns to us, and read about some fun facts:)

holy moly

it works! I can now blog from my phone without using a computer!

how brilliant is that?


Syncing my phone to post blogs by email! Yay technology!

Trip Itinerary


11th March - 15th March: EXPLORING IN M.C

16th March: M.C. - RIO DE JANEIRO (FLIGHT)

16th March - 16th April: Having fun in Rio, Bahia, and Itacare

16th/17th April: RIO - SF (FLIGHT)

17th April - 21st April: Resting (or celebrating birthdays! yall know who you are...) in SF:)

22nd/23rd April: SF - NARITA

23rd April - 27th May: Japan!! Lina's BDay! Osaka! Ojii-Chan!

27th May: JAPAN - SF (FLIGHT)

...and there it is. 2+ weeks more and I'm off to see the world!

Hummmm technology...

So I just figured out that I don't know how to change the photo stream for my slide shows... I was hoping to share pictures this way... hope to figure that out soon.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hello, hello, testing, testing...

Oh hello, thanks for joining me. I'll be headed out of my apartment in 7 or 8 days.