Friday, April 3, 2009

Paraty, Ilha Grande, Mangaratiba, Salvador de Bahia, and Joao Pessoa

Wow it's been only a couple of days since we left Rio, but we've covered these cities. Lots of nearly missed bus ridin' and shakey planes. The bus rides are absolutely insane. I swear i woke up in the middle of the night when we were going from Salvador to Joao Pessoa and I thought I was going straight to my death bed. They drive so fast on unpaved roads, and the whole bus was swaying left and right like on a boat on stormy waters.

We've met 3 more couch surfers... Alex in Mangarativa, and Antonio, Paula, and Gu in Joao Pessoa. They are all amazingly warm and super cool. We've been having a very good time with these ex-strangers.

I've decided I'm going to retire in Joao Pessoa. It is absolutely beautiful. It's very calm, peaceful, and the beach is available if you want to burn to death... which we did on the first day here, by accident while we were playing yatzi (sp?) like an old couple. Anyway, there is still a city, so I think this is gonna be it when or if I can ever retire.

Next stop is Natal.

Here are some pics from JP...

Ate logo:)

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