Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SF to Japan

Hi friends,

We are now in Tokyo after spending a 4-day pit stop in SF for Sabrina and Ashley's Birthdays:)
SF was beautiful, unlike how I remembered it to be... oh that's right, it was because it was rediculously HOT! The house I was helping with was done and there was a house warming... It looked spectacular! Congrats Christine! After two hot hot days at the beach, I was ready to move back to SF, but we had to scoot to Japan, so we left on the 21st. And I realized I forgot to take photos! It was really really nice to see you all.

The plane ride was really pleasant! We took ANA which was wonderful. 10 hours flew by. I didn't sleep because I couldn't stop watching movies. Drinks were free! hee hee;)

We flew in around 4:30pm and got to our couch surfer's place around 7:30. Yuji, our suuuuuuper nice CS host has 10 people in the house right now, including us, and has 3 more coming today potentially. We have a very full house!! It's kind of fun though, its like a hostel in 1 room. No problems with bathrooms and showering yet. We plan to stay here for a week. Sounds like we will be doing an all nighter on Sat... I wish you were here John!

I am meeting up with my mom and Lina tonight!!!! I can't wait. I'm gonna cry when I see Lina, it has been nearly a whole year since I last saw her...

much love, and more soon

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