Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paris, mt saint michael...

So ive arrived safe and sound. I didnt sleep a wink parcially attribued to my sick luck of always getting stuck in flights behind a number of crying toddlers, but simply because i was just uncomfortable enough. 'New Moon' kept me company - 200 pages in - after i brushed off my security agent's "wow" comment after he found the book when i was randomly chosen for an extra bag srarch. I always get picked for those... Someone once told me i looked middle eastern... Is that why? That was my attempt at humor. Im going straight to hell... Oops.

Anyway... Stephane and i settled in and i freshened up a bit and we headed into the center of Paris, as i was anxious to see how one of my fav cities has changed or kept its charm that brings this almost overwhelming feeling straight to my eyes as tears. Theyre always tears of joy i assure you... I was relieved to find that while it was chilly, it was bearable. Hat and scarf necessary, but not as far as a pair of gloves. Just crisp and clear and i missed the cold so much. I miss feeling and seeing all four seasons living in California.

We polished off a bottle of bourgogne and walked around le marais and st germain, etc got to bed exhausted around 10pm. Thats 30 hours of being awake, my friends. No wonder why i had a massive headache! Of it couldve been the 3 little glenlivet bottles id joyfully slammed back with this nice old dutch couple on the plane. The grandpa was so excited to have a drinking buddy. He got to pass out eventually though, while i dove into the book. I think i cried around page 68?

Anywho. Needless to say i was like a corpse in my sleep that lasted almost 12 hours. I feel great. Im writing this as Staphane and i drive to mont saint michael in normandy. The country side is beautiful in france cows roaming freely on hills, trees starting to lose their yellow leaves, and tge occasional little castles that have seen better days as gravity and the weather start to take a toll. The sky is grey, naturally, just like id remembered european winters to be

I guess my point is im not jetlagged, and very happy to be here.

Miss you guys, stephane says hi, and ill see you soon:)

special shout out to my bean. Happy bday week!

Love and kisses

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