Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LAST DAY in a while...

In less than 24 hrs I'm going to be on a plane to Mexico City, the first city in a series of places we plan to visit in the course of about 3 months!

To celebrate the departure, our lovely manager at the Cafe took us to Sunday's a Drag (a drag show at the Starlight Room at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel). It was such a laugh. Sooooo much fun, and I now have a new appreciation for carefully crafted bodies.

Since this is the last blog I'm doing in a bit (I think?) I'll include some random bits to try to entertain you...

Some new music and old favs I'm into at the moment:

-Fever Ray (Thanks to Jeff:) ), from the old Knife crew
-The Bug
-Radiohead (hahaha I just had to:))
-Nathan Fake
-Lady Gaga (It's b/c of all the Castro nights...)
-Bjork (I just came back to her... its creepily amazing!)
-The presets

Sabrina and I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl (how embarassing... but it's so great! I can't help it). Like, we watch 4-5hrs at a time. We've been brainwashed well by now, dreaming about it and everything. hahaha no it's not that bad... I promise...

I can be found at Jeff's tonight... probably not too wasted I hope, as my flight leaves at 10 tomorrow morning. We all know a hangover is no fun, especially on aircrafts at a high altitude.

Okay, so to all those I didn't get to personally say good bye to, TAKE CARE!!! I'll see you soon, and check back in if and when you think of me. I'll try to get my thought and activities up here as much as possible.

All my love!

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