Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well, the sun wasn't all that bad! @Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan was quite impressive.

After 250+ pics and a bus ride home, we went with Rodrigo, our couch surfing host (he is just about the nicest person i've ever met. smart, cool, and he's hilarious!), his girl friend, Maria Jose (again, sooo cool and sweet), and Gregg (Rodrigo's CS guest before us, now practically his brother) to Lucha Libre! I'm not sure if I spelled that right... but Mexican wrestling at its finest was sooooooo rockin! we had so much fun, especially bc we were drinking cervesas!! Gregg bought some masks, but I just couldn't think of anyone that would be deserving of such a gag gift.

anywho, after that, we went to la Perla, a little bar that has a prohibition feel to it, and saw a tranny show. second time in my life to see such a show, less than a week from the first one. Interesting??? more beers later, we found ourselves at a taco joint. 3am. sleep.

stephane woke up with a pretty bad cold:( I'm going to the pharmacy now to try to get some remedies... then to Coyoacan, to go see Frieda's infamous blue house.

by the way radiohead just got into town. concert's tomorrow. i hope i run into them. i know... i'm such a nerd.

much love my people,

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