Friday, March 20, 2009

Rio day 4

Had a fortune of having an amazing couch surfing host. Gustavo has shown us a lot! Tons and tons of live samba... I'm in heaven!!

my tummy hurts today:( could it be the ice? wahhhh

We spent all day at Ipanema beach yesterday... totally lives up to its name... it's really really beautiful. really clear and warm water, biiiig waves ( I got tossed around for about 15 seconds (which is super long when youre freaking out under water) in this one huge one that i tried to ride unsuccessfully). Cariocas basking in the sun... Drinking some ice-cold agua de coco...

Radiohead show again today!! woo hoo

Oh did I mention how warm it is here? it was about 30 degrees celsius yesterday at the beach...I know, I'm an arse!

more later,

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